Career Counselling

According to the recently published government report on Feb 5 2009, ‘Ontario in the Creative Age’, we are moving away from an economy based on assembly lines and hard labour to one that values people’s creativity, especially analytical and social intelligence skills. With 80% of our population currently employed in the service industry there is a huge demand for people who are able to make good decisions and have the capability to understand other people and to work in team settings. How are you going to fit in and remain viable in this changing marketplace?

One-on-one and workshop career counselling services are available to address the full scope of career development from self-assessment, through goal setting to implementation of a career plan and beyond. Career counselling entails setting up a meeting with a counsellor or becoming a member of a group or workshop to look at where you are at this point in your career and where you want to be. In addition, to exploring goals and objectives, career counselling will look at the individual’s skills, abilities and interests.

Once the basics are established the career counselling coach will develop a resume to better reflect the next step in the career path. The next step for career counselling will be to assess the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and, working together, establish key action words to describe a picture of the prospective employee. In what is often referred to as The 60 Second Sell, good career counselling will train the candidate to describe their attributes in a complete and concise manner. We all know how important networking is to our careers and businesses these days and fresh opportunities can be few and far between. The 60 Second Sell or Elevator Pitch is a term for quickly selling your best features or what you have to offer in 60 seconds or less. Career counselling will train you to create and use this tool most effectively.

Preparation is fundamental to the objectives of career counselling and you will be shown the important steps to achieving this very important goal. You will be taken through the process of knowing who your market is, finding out all about the next step and exactly what that position entails, building confidence through self-knowledge and learning how to promote yourself. The more you prepare for an interview, the more knowledge that you have about a company, the job posted and yourself – the more likely you will be the Key Candidate.

Another key area that is of primary focus in career counselling is that of ‘transferable skills’. In today’s challenging job market where people are looking for critical thinking and the ability to make decisions there are the skills gathered throughout your career that are essential in moving forward after down-sizing and re-entering the workforce. Career success will no longer just be based on title and resume, it will require thinking outside the box and being able to show with conviction that it should be you. Consider career counselling as a way to sell your skills and promote yourself in a job interview.