Did You Lose Your Job? Get Paid For Writing and Get Out of the Unemployment Slump

Losing your job is one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever have. For some, losing a job ranks up there with getting in a car accident. It’s traumatic, it’s stressful and it takes a long time to find a new job and recoup your lost income. If you have dependents reliant upon you for their food, shelter, clothing and entertainment, being jobless is even more difficult. The good news is, you can get paid for writing while you look for another job.

Paid writing opportunities are more abundant than you might realize. The online world is much different than brick and mortar businesses. Where business establishments are laying off workers and cutting pay, online publishers are always hiring content producers and freelance writers by the hundreds.

Even if you don’t have previous writing experience, you can get paid for writing. Some companies pay you to write articles on virtually any topic you desire. You don’t have to be an expert in any field – knowing a little bit about something is enough to get paid for writing about it and telling other people how to do it.

Get paid to write and supplement your income with several hundred dollars a month or more. Some freelance writers, like myself, make more than $1500 per month writing (no joke!) and that’s only a part-time figure. Think of how much you could make working full time as a freelance writer! If you’re jobless and are sitting at home anyway, put your time to good use by writing for money.

Where should you look to get paid writing? For starters, never apply to write for a company that makes you pay to apply. These are outright scams. Reputable companies offer 100 percent free applications.

You might be wondering how much you’ll make per hour when you get paid for writing. Exact costs vary, but you can make between $3 and $15 per article in many cases. The more you write, the faster you’ll get and the more articles you can write per day. That, of course, equates to more income for you!

When you get paid writing, you don’t have to worry about being jobless. Consider this as your new job. You are your own boss. Your home is your place of business, and you can report for work whenever you feel like it.

If you’re a single parent, college graduate or unemployed spouse, you can make money writing and give yourself some financial freedom. Who knows, you might like your new writing position so much you never want to look for another job again!