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ITEC Past Papers – Sample Revision Questions

When you are studying for your ITEC exams it is very important to have a set of multiple choice questions similar to those found on ITEC past papers.

ITEC’s theory papers consist of 50 multiple choice questions, each question has four answers and you must choose the one that you think is correct. These are the types of questions that you should use for your revision. Not only are they designed to really get the brain working but they also prepare you for your theory exam paper.

Using reflexology as an example, some sample revision questions include;

01. Swollen feet may indicate;
a) Hormonal imbalances
b) Athlete’s foot
c) Circulation problems – Answer
d) Poor muscle tone

02. How many zones are there on either side of the midline?
a) 4
b) 10
c) 5 – Answer
d) 3

03. Where is the reflex area for the appendix?
a) On the sole of the right foot
b) On the inside edge of the sole of the right foot
c) On the sole of the left foot on the outside edge
d) On the sole of the right foot just above the start of the heel – Answer

04. The direct reflexes for headaches are;
a) Ovaries, bladder
b) Spine, stomach
c) Brain, shoulder
d) Head, neck – Answer

The best way to use your questions is to take a number of them everyday and test yourself on what was covered in class. Try and answer the questions as much as you can without looking at your text books. You can always refer to your notes when you are marking them.

Consistent little tests throughout the year will boost your knowledge on the subject you are learning which will result in less stress and worry come exam time.

Thoughtful Tips to Clear PMP(R) Certification Exam

In this fast-paced world, to be at the top in the field of Project Management, Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®) Certification is a crucial one. PMP Certification portrays you as an enthusiastic and a committed professional.

Here are some tips to pass your PMP Exam on the first go.

  • To begin with the preparation, you need to first prepare a study plan. Planning does not mean that you got to spend your entire time in preparing for the exam. You need to plan it well in such a way that you do not get bored of preparing rather you find it interesting.
  • Try to spare at least 2 hours a day for the preparation. Having breaks in-between is very essential that it helps your mind to freshen up and have full focus.
  • Know the latest version of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKĀ®) as the version changes from time to time. Be attentive of the project management concepts and also you must stay updated in PMBOK guide.
  • PMP Exam and PMBOK are based on the ideal project organization. Don’t memorize the PMBOK, if you memorize the PMBOK guide you are not able to implement your project physically. You have to explore and appliance each method in your development, look into other projects tend to be happening in your environments.
  • Choose the right institute to train you on all the Project Management concepts and help you get over with the fear.
  • Make sure if your training center trains you on all the 47 processes of the Project Management.
  • Practice as many mock tests as possible which help you to make yourself clear in the concepts. Preparing full-length mock tests that makes way for completing the test on time.
  • Always be focused and motivated while preparing your exam and to be confident in what you have learnt.

The most important point among the above tips is that you should take much care in choosing the training institute. Because, it is the training institute that will help you follow the above points.

PMI guideline is that you are supposed to undergo an assured period of training by a certified institute before taking up the PMP Exam. School of PM is one of the Project Management Institute approved Registered Education Providers which helps you to clear the PMP Exam and accelerate in your career.

Thus, plan well before the PMP Exam, choose the right training institute, prepare well and pass the PMP Exam in the first try.